There’s so much talk around nowadays about enlightened masters and gurus. It’s common knowledge that if you accept one as your personal guide, they’ll make sure to help you together with your personal development. It almost makes you are feeling compelled to have a teacher!

My theory is that people don’t all need teachers, but most of us have to be students. It’s humbling. And being humble may be the opening to a greater discovery.

But in my experience not only people are great teachers. Pets and animals are great teachers too. So are mountains, oceans, deserts and flowers. All life is pulsing with teaching. We simply need to be open and receive the guidance.

Horses are healing creatures and teach us to own faith and trust, develop our leading abilities and stay committed to our vision course in miracles books. This happens, i think, even on tough days when nothing appears to work. They are able to teach us, such noble beings as they are, that people can love unconditionally, share freely, communicate openly and create cooperatively. To really have the ultimate relationship with a horse there must be no hidden agendas, no limitations on love and no withholding of anything.

Now that may be tough, but we’ve a selection in these matters. All decisions and choices we make may create a critical impact and can produce a fantastic effect on our lives. As an example, when we opt to be scared, we WILL be scared. Let’s face it, ultimately there is nothing really to be afraid of, unless we DECIDE that there is. But we can allow it to be up and we can pretend. You see, all beings reflect what and who we are in relationships – horses are no exception. Remember that the entire world was designed for us so that people might have a context within which to have ourselves as who we really are.

It’s fundamental to realise that people are truly connected with everything and everyone. What is good for may very well not be advantageous to your horse. What is detrimental to may very well not be also detrimental to your horse. It’s not as possible only change your horse’s behaviour; your horse can influence you to improve your own personal behaviour. My horse has been among my greatest teachers. When I work and play with him, my every thought, word and deed is reflected. It’s not a revolution on exactly how we use horses that’s needed, it’s a revolution of your head that people must be having. It is our convinced that we ought to change.

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