Can a king’s ransom teller really predict my future?” “Should I trust a king’s ransom teller?” Those are the kinds of questions people ask me once they learn of my great fascination with mysticism and the occult. I’d often tell them about my interesting experience visiting a king’s ransom teller when I was a teenager.

It absolutely was a warm summer evening. My friends and I were looking for some excitement within the last few days of our vacation before we started high school. So we decided to go to the area fairground and have fun brujos en el salvador. I was wearing a container top and shorts, and was barefooted – my favorite outfit even to the day. We discovered a tent with a sign in leading saying “Have your fortune told by a world famous fortune teller.” I thought that was interesting. I didn’t believe in any one of that stuff, but as an adventurous and rebellious teen I wanted to go in and uncover what it was like visiting a king’s ransom teller. I was even thinking about making fun of the fortune teller, asking them some weird questions.

My friends were more thinking about trying their luck on winning some stuffed animals in the game arcade. So, I went to the tent by myself. The fortune teller was a middle-aged woman dressed such as a Gypsy, wearing a colorful gown and headscarf, and a myriad of strange jewelry. She looked rather comical, and I couldn’t help giggling. I quickly covered my mouth and pretended to cough.

The fortune teller greeted me, “Welcome, young lady. Have a chair, I’ll be right with you.” So, I sat down and propped my feet on another chair. “Hey, get your dirty feet off my chair!” yelled the fortune teller. I was somewhat startled and said, “Oops, sorry mam.” Glancing at her stern face, I tried hard never to giggle again.

She pulled the chair and sat at the table facing me. Before even asking me any questions, the fortune teller summarized my emotional state at the time. She said I just separated with my boyfriend whom I considered the love of my life, and she sensed a heavy sadness within me. I was stunned. How did she know? Before I had to be able to recover, she went on to share with me that I wouldn’t get back with him. I was completely devastated, as I was hoping she’d say the opposite.

I was giggling one minute ago, and now I came across myself sobbing facing the fortune teller. To create matters worse, I didn’t have any tissue and neither did she. So, I had to wipe my tears and runny nose with my shirt. How embarrassing! I felt like the fortune teller turned the table on me. I was planning to make fun of her but since it proved, I was the one who felt humiliated.

Nevertheless, the fortune teller showed some compassion. She tried to comfort me and explained that the universe had something better available for me. She said I will let my old boyfriend go because I was soon to meet up my real soul mate. This handsome man and I’d get married and have children, we’d drive a large van and live happily by the ocean. I didn’t really believe her though, as I thought she was just saying those ideas to make me feel better.

As I met back with my friends outside I told them it was a good experience. “This Gypsy fortune teller looked into a giant crystal ball and explained I’d meet my Prince Charming, and we’d live happily ever after.” Most of us had a great laugh and continued our fun at the fairground.

The events that took place following my visit with the fortune teller were rather amazing, or even bizarre. A few months later I heard my old boyfriend got back together with his previous girlfriend and married her. Shortly thereafter, I did so meet another guy. He was a few years older than me and was absolutely gorgeous. We’d a very passionate relationship. However, there were two things about him my parents didn’t like and they disapproved of our relationship.

The fortune teller’s words kept ringing in my own ears, however. Although I didn’t believe her in the beginning, deep down I kept hoping she was right and this man would be the love of my life. So I decided to leave my parents and run away with him. We lived together in his beat-up old van he parked nearby the beach. It absolutely was plenty of fun in the beginning, and I was having the time of my life.

One day I then found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend freaked out when I told him. Since I was still a small, I couldn’t get an abortion without parental consent, and he explained he wasn’t ready to really have a child. Being scared and confused, he took the easy solution and left me. So much to be a soul mate. So, I decided to really have the baby and my parents were gracious enough to i’d like to move in with them, although my dad really i’d like to have it.

So, did the fortune teller’s predictions be realized? Yes, in a twisted kind of way. Would I go see another fortune teller to have my future told? Almost certainly not. I think we shape our personal lives with this thoughts and actions. Today my little daughter and I are living our lives to the fullest, and believe nutrients always lie before us. We don’t desire a fortune teller to learn our future since we all know all is well.

Yes, you will find legit fortune tellers and psychics who can foretell your future on the basis of the vibrations that they can detect, and I can’t discredit them. Some people see comfort in hearing of the good fortune, and that by itself will set their vibration to an increased level. However, as I said, I personally believe we have the greatest control over our personal lives.

So, your choice if to see and trust a king’s ransom teller is completely yours. Should you determine to see one, you need do your research first which means you don’t fall prey to scam artists who are just after your money.

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