Leaflets have an important role in disseminating information to a target audiences. It is not only the businesses that print and distribute leaflets to promote their companies, goods and services; many NGOs and consumers also print to promote their objectives and organization here and there. Leaflets have been popular and common form of marketing communication that is very efficient.


Leaflet printing services can be secured through ordinary printers who print books, magazines, postcards and brochures. The same type of machineries is used for leaflet printing. Experienced printers are able to produce quality of cheaply with the use of right technology and resources.

Leaflets can be printed digitally or using litho approach with organic printer which is a green option. Such printer can be used on gloss paper, man made fibre, shiny or uncoated paper stock. Good leaflet printers would have wide options in printing quality uder; these options include embossing, die cutting and flip.

Different quantities using different materials are dependent on the customer. There is a numerous board sizes and weights which can produce classy leaflets for the consumers’ objective.


Leaflet printing need not be expensive with the plethora of choices in the market today. Different printers would quote different pricing on different types of leaflets Business cards FAQs hence, it is best to discuss with the preferred printers on the printing price. Discussions are better with a in the flesh discussion; terms of business can be identified clearly to push for a more favorable costing on printing leaflets.

Leaflet printing prices can be estimated free of charge with no obligations from professional and established printers. Prices differ for full color or 4-color leaflet printing; monochrome printing would be cheaper. The type of printing process preferred would also impact the printing cost.

The amount of printing is also crucial in determining the printing cost for leaflets as well as the design of the leaflet.


Leaflets can be printed in an assortment of sizes depending on the clients’ preference. There is the A4, A5, A6, A7 and DL sizes. Leaflet services range from direct emailing of printed leaflets, hand-to-hand or door-to-door distribution of printed. Perforated are getting popular today with their unique look. Further special asks can be made through discussions with experienced printers. Many professional printers would even deliver printed leaflets to the customer with no extra service charge if it were a bulk order.

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