Are you using a phony money detector? Many small and medium businesses are not using any kind of protection. This can cost you a lot of money. Every day there are thousands of bill payments. According to different studies from the government every one of the thousand 100 dollar bills are fake.

Can you suppose most of the 1000 customers paying you with phony money? Most likely not, no one expects similar to that but this is reality. How many customers are passing by at your store? An average small business have 100 customers a day at least. So you have access to hit every 10 days with a phony bill.

An alternative way to protect yourself has a phony money detector of a good brand. A phony detector doesn`t have to cost a lot of money. You don`t would like to get hit. The biggest frustration is discovering too late that you have a phony bill of 50 dollars. Why, you can explain. Because usually you are the one who accepted the money. So you could avoid the problem if you just had a phony money detector.

Consider you would get one every month. That 50 dollars down the deplete and it will cost you 600 dollars a year. We know that saving money is important, but saving pennies and accepting to lose thousands is not a good way of performing. How much is does a phony money detector cost prop money for sale? The Banlivo Cashier Mate 93 is only a hundred and fifty dollars. So might be you saving a hundred and fifty dollars and accepting to lose 600 dollars a year? If you don`t have a phony money detector already, I recommend you to start considering it very seriously.

How big is the chance that you get hit? The truth is that every kind of protection is not guaranteed. A shoplifter guard told his experience how it really works. All the monitoring camera`s, security guards, checkpoints and phony money sensors will not avoid you will get hit. But these criminals are looking for shops where they can easily do things without getting noticed. This expert said it’s a game of chance. The higher the success rate for these criminals a lot more likely they will come.

A store with a lot of protection will frighten away a criminal. The more tools and protection you have the bottom the chance you will get hit. Small shops are usually less protected than the big chains. This is also way many small shops are getting hit easily. Getting all the equipment reduces your risk. Consider if a criminal can go for a big archipelago with security guards, camera`s and phony money sensors or a small store with very little. The option is easily made. So don`t be a sitting duck, frighten unwanted guests from your store!

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