In most crisis, there’s opportunity” an ancient Chinese saying paraphrased and there might be no longer apt time today with the global financial crisis still hovering around. For those of you who have been felt the blow of its effects and may have had reduction in your own personal wealth, at the least in paper value, you will find still many opportunities abound for you really to invest your money and if patient enough, see a great return in your investment five years down the road.

Though being liquid is good, there’s a tendency for many cash rich people to over spend a bit. More often than not, spending excessively or beyond your allowance becomes the norm apartments for sale in armenia yerevan. Among the more tried and tested investment is real estate. Especially now, when real-estate prices are undervalued, this is the time to get and pay cash on the spot. This gets you much more discounts. Here are a few tips about searching for great deals:

Purchase apartments and condominiums in high density cities. One such city that’s most often overlooked is Paris. Paris is still the absolute most cosmopolitan city in Europe and today, you will find great deals you’ll find on the Internet. Although prices of Paris apartments seem on the high side, they’re 15 to 30% below they were two and a half years ago. Try to find apartments which were newly refurbished and for the quantity you may want to pay, take a trip down there and meet up with a real-estate broker. When finding what you like, ask politely if you can meet with the dog owner, and then make an original offer of 30% significantly less than what is called for with an area cash payment. From this time, there is going to be more negotiations going on. Be ready to leave when it doesn’t fit your allowance, as this is an investment to you. You will be needing the real estate broker as well, since you may want to own this apartment rented anyways. If you wish to use the apartment to reside in, buy a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. If you are searching for apartments as investment purposes, better to obtain a 1 or 2 bedroom, if not really a loft or even a suite. In this manner, you can get more apartments and then own it rented considering that the rental cost is lower.

This formula may be used with many other cities as well. Ultimately, your investment will appreciate as time passes while the property market runs in cycles and once you see the costs of real-estate increasing by 40%, you are able to unload if you want to.

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