Games with Doodle-style characters and backgrounds are topping the charts in the App Store for both paid and free apps. It appears folks just can’t get enough Doodle Games. In no particular order, listed here is our listing of the Best Doodle-Drawn Games in the App Store. All these games work great with both iPhone and iPad devices.

Doodle Kart Life: Doodle Kart Life looks as although it is on grid paper and drawn with a baseball point pen, but unlike other similar games, that one looks pretty decent. The driver has numerous options for controlling the car: speed, acceleration, weight, items. Also, just like the tried and true Mario Kart, “weapons” can be used to defeat opponents. Want this game for free? The, check out Doodle Kart Lite.

Doodle Jump: If an addicting game is what you’re looking for, Doodle Jump may be the ticket. It’s the player’s duty to steer an imaginary four-legged creature, affectionately dubbed the “Doodler,” up a constant number of platforms without failing. There’s no end. You cannot beat the game. You only attempt to beat your high score. Guide “Doodler” to a secure spot, hopefully avoiding monsters, doodlemaker  UFO’s, and black holes in rainforest, jungle, or space themed adventures.

Doodle Army: This game requires a spontaneity, but thankfully, not a long attention span. Doodle Army is perfect for those who don’t have enough time or desire to get stuck for one hour when more important tasks are in hand. Don’t drop it so quickly. It’s the small things that will stop you coming back. Basically, as an army soldier, you move from side to side, jump and crouch, fire and duck. Pass checkpoints and earn purple hearts to level up, moving from historically real war to the next.

Glow Doodle: Much like a modern day light bright, this app is easy, colorful, and quickly gaining the popularity it deserves. Merely a six neon colors are in your disposal, and unfortunately, no eraser. The artistically challenged do not need to fear; there is an undo button for quick fixes. The bright colors are used to draw and doodle on a pitch black background for the greatest contrast. After your picture is complete, tap the glow button and watch your doodle illuminate with life. The most recent version even has the possibility to illuminate certain parts while others remain dull. The very best part is, you are able to save the pictures as wallpaper or send them to friends.

Swakker Doodle: Swakker Doodle might be the most hi-tech of all doodle applications out there. You can just doodle on a blank page with the possibility of over 50 colors, or you are able to doodle to your heart’s delight on an existing photo or among the apps many backgrounds. Such as a real artist, pick from fine or broad thicknesses, and grab the eraser when needed. Invite a friend, whether they are attached to Swakker Doodle or not, to join with you. The several separate screens will display the exact same picture with the exact same added doodles. Once the fun is finished, save the masterpiece to your library to remember the nice time you shared along with your cross country friends.

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