The brand new technology that enables short-run newspapers to be cheaper than a newsletter, offering more content space in a more professional format, also allows the ability to market advertising in ways other short-run print products don’t offer.

When people hear “newspaper,” they automatically are okay with standard of advertising within it. Newsletters aren’t received in this manner, the perception of a newsletter is entirely different. That’s why newspapers are proliferating nationwide as the “new” newsletter.

Short-run newspapers can not just purchase themselves, but give profits to most of the organizations, churches, non-profits, businesses and individuals who are publishing their very own “niche” newspaper. Many folks are calling these “theme” newspapers, the kind that’ll replace the dying daily and weekly newspapers throughout the country.

As you go out to market ads in your short-run newspaper, remember, you are not just a daily conglomerate trying to bring in millions of dollars of advertising to cover your incredible cost, naija news and to help make the exorbitant profit these companies came to depend on (which, everbody knows, has changed drastically over the last couple of years, partly because of the internet, partly because corporate newspapers really stopped catering to the neighborhood community). You are a distinct segment newspaper, catering to people already enthusiastic about what you have to offer in a specified field.

Have a Hair Salon for instance, which has decided to call their newspaper, “MidTown’s Hair & Beauty”; let’s say you are printing 5,000 newspapers to distribute to friendly merchants and to hand out to your customers. Who do ask for advertising? A lot of people complicate this or concern yourself with it. You don’t need to. Your cost is very low, so even while a starting point, you don’t need lots of revenue simply to break even. Consider this:

You determine to print 5,000 newspapers.

You decide whether this really is something you will do weekly, monthly, quarterly or whatever, as long as you have a difficult idea about what to inform your advertisers. Let’s say we determine 5,000 newspapers every quarter, or every three months. This is exactly what you tell your advertisers you are offering.

If you sell your ads for $50.00, you are offering advertising for only $0.01 cents for each and every paper! If you sell your ads for $100.00 that’s only $0.02 cents for each and every paper! Tell your potential advertisers how many newspapers you are printing, what content the paper will include, and how often you will print the newspaper. Most people have $100.00, or even more, to pay on advertising, especially when it’s in a market that will cater to their own business! 5,000 newspapers will be a lot of newspapers! It’s value.

Here’s a typical example of people you could approach:

Your newspaper is just a hair salon newspaper. The initial people you ask for advertising are people you know, friends, family, neighboring businesses. A lot of people can be quite supportive in such endeavors. Especially if they already know and like you. The following types of people you approach are businesses that echo and are much like yours without competing with you! You are a hair salon, trying to help your client feel better about their appearance. Perhaps your readers might be also enthusiastic about tanning salons? Nails? Clothing? Shoes? Fitness? Diet? Surgery treatment? Whatever type of newspaper you are printing, sit down and determine what types of businesses could take advantage of your newspaper and customers, and ask!

Remember, you are not just trying to be creative and unique and help your own business, you are also genuinely trying to help your friends, neighbors, and businesses as well! You are doing this by supplying a captured market (your own customers and potential customers), and also in an incredibly affordable way. This fosters good feelings, good business relationships, and a healthier environment for everybody involved. Your web visitors will love it!

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